is a german based design studio with offices in Berlin and Leipzig, specialized

in transportation design. We provide the full range of state of the art design services:

• Ideation

• Design concepts

• Design consulting

• 2d/3d design

• Support of prototyping

• Support of serial start

• Advanced design projects

studioFT is managed by Prof. Lutz Fügener and Jens Timmich.

We are supported by specialists for different steps in the design process,

according to requirements of the projects.

Prof. Lutz Fügener • Diplom Designer

• engineering studies from 1987 to 1989

• graduation as industrial designer in 1995

• since 1995 partner at design studio fisch&vogel design (today: studioFT)

• since 2000 head of BA program transportation design at Pforzheim University


Jens Timmich • Diplom Designer

• graduation as industrial designer in 1991

• formation of design studio fisch&vogel design (today: studioFT)  in 1991

• direction and coordination of design projects for national and international 

   vehicle manufacturers

• since 2011 Head of Design at Solaris Bus & Coach